Whether you are thinking of starting to play golf, or you have recently joined the game and are at loss of how to go about playing golf, this site will give you all the information you need. It covers topics on the etiquette of playing golf and explains in details what is expected of you once you register at a golfing club and start visiting the golf course.

Etiquette and conduct

Did you know that you are expected to control your temper the moment you enter a golf course? Unlike other games that allow you to vent and dramatically show emotions when you lose a game, golf has rules that require you to keep your cool. The game also has rules on how you should interact with other golfers.

For a very long time, golf was considered a classy game whose players could easily adhere to a dressing code. This site gives you a list of what you are allowed to wear when going to a golf course, and what can get you thrown out. The general rule is decency, but there are other details, like wearing collared T-shirts that you are expected to adhere to. There are some golf courses that insist that their players should wear long sleeved T-shirts especially when they are competing.

Regardless of your gender, you are expected to follow the rules of dressing. Some items of clothing such as tiny shorts and sleeveless tops are prohibited in the golf course.

The site also demystifies some misconceptions people have had about the right hat to wear when playing golf by telling you exactly what is expected of you.

For the spectators

The site is not restricted to people who are playing golf. Even spectators are expected to maintain a certain code of conduct for them to be allowed in the golf course. One of the expectations that people around will have for you if you re a spectator is that you limit the movements you are making around the golf course, especially when there is a game on session.

You are also expected to keep calm and not create a scene whenever you are displeased, or you feel the team you are supporting is losing. One thing that lands most spectators in trouble is use of cellphones at the golf course as well as drinking or smoking within the golfing premise.

Maintaining the golf course

In this site, you will find relevant information on what to do when you want to keep the golf course having lush grass and a serene environment. It is all about maintenance and it starts from basic things such as cleaning the golf cart regularly.

The site also explores eco friendly ways of ensuring the golf course is maintained using sustainable materials. It also guides you on why you need to keep your golf course well maintained and why you may need to contract a maintainer who will always be on the ground whenever the golf course needs to be maintained.

Basically, this is a one stop place for people looking for information about golfing.