Are you a golf enthusiast who wants to know how to behave on the golf course? Basic Golf etiquette isn’t just for players. As a true fan, you’re expected to behave in a certain manner so as not to distract players and other spectators and to maintain the golf tradition.

The Dos and Don’ts for golf spectators

Different golf clubs may have varying rules and regulations that state how spectators should behave. Most courses, however, have common ways in which they expect fans to carry themselves. Here are rundown rules you need to follow on the golf course:

  • Keep Calm

Making noise on the golf course distracts both players and fans. But how do you celebrate? You may cheer a good shot, but do this in an appropriate and acceptable way. If you’re angry about your favorite player missing a shot, vent your frustration in a moderate fashion. One good way to take the frustration out of golf is to leave the course and, even for a last minute bet, still win by gambling on this and other games.

  • Minimize movement

One common rule for most golf clubs is that both players and spectators should keep walking, running, and other forms of movement to a minimum, especially during play. Always wait for the players to putt before walking to the next tee. Rather than jump up when your player makes a good shot, you may perform a fist pump celebration without attracting attention or distracting other people.

  • Dress code

What should you wear on the golf course? Make sure that you’re conversant with the rules of the golf club and the association hosting the event. You may want to look like the pro golfers, so be sure to wear a collared shirt and knee-length shorts. Iron your clothes to ensure they stay wrinkle-free. To reduce wear and tear on the turf, wear sneakers or any other shoes with no spikes.

  • No conversations with players

You may talk to your favorite player outside the golf course, but you’re prohibited from holding any kind of conversation with them during play time. Speaking to a player may be construed as giving advice, which is also a violation of the rules in the realm of golf. This may make the player to be penalized or disqualified. You may also end up being banned from attending events on the golf course.

  • Spectators should not consume alcohol or tobacco

Are you addicted to tobacco or alcoholic products? You’re not allowed to smoke or drink any alcoholic product on the golf course.

  • No use of phones

As a spectator, you should always put your cellphone in the OFF position during plays. For the first offense you’ll be warned but if you commit the offense for a second time, you may be asked to leave the golf course. No player is allowed to use any spectator’s phone.

  • Never Carry a Player’s Golf Equipment

Whether you’re friends with the golfer or you just like them, take care not to break common spectator rules by carrying their golf equipment or helping them move their cart around the course. If you have a golf cart, don’t offer rides to players.

Be sure to ask the responsible authorities in your golf club about golf etiquette for fans. Now that you know how you should behave when attending a golf event, you can confidently visit any course and enjoy the play without being penalized or expelled.